My Hourly Rate

Parent Child Counseling My hourly rate is $155 for counseling and for home and school observations. This is for a full 60-minute hour, not the more common 50-minute "hour". Sessions can also be for 1½ or 2 hours.

You'll be asked to pay at the end of each session. Most parents pay by check. (You can also pay with cash, if you prefer.)

When I need to drive to your home or your child's school for an observation, the travel fee is $90 an hour and will be prorated depending on the time it takes. (During Covid, there is another way for me to get home visit information - if you prefer - without my going to your home.)

For the first feedback and guidance session, I spend two hours preparing but I charge only for a half hour ($75). If we need a second or more feedback sessions, there is no preparation fee for those sessions.

Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance reimbursement is important to most families. I prepare a statement for you to send to your insurance company or for your health savings account and any other purpose you need. Families with PPO's usually get reimbursements from their insurance company.

Cancellation Policy

When you must cancel an appointment, please give me at least 48 hours notice. If you are unable to provide 48 hours notice when you cancel, the full fee will be charged. There is some flexibility in this policy.